Our PLATINUM CLUB & GROUND-BREAKER programmes are dynamic and interactive.

They provide access to the powerful and effective Sinclair Selling System spread over a period of weeks or months. Typically these are run as half day or full day workshops over a number of weeks - at a venue accessible to you and other participating individuals if run in open format. Alternatively, if run as in-company workshops, these can be held at your company premises, or a venue of your choice.

The PLATINUM CLUB & GROUND-BREAKER programmes provide for our training methodology and tools – including the unique EDIT process, to be experienced over a longer period than is the case with short intensive courses – reinforced by practise in between training workshop sessions.

For more details about PLATINUM CLUB and GROUND-BREAKER programmes available in your area – or to discuss running in-company programme for your business – please CONTACT US.

PLATINUM CLUB & GROUND-BREAKER programmes are equally suitable for SME companies and organisations with small sales teams – as well as larger companies where this delivery method is a preferred option and more suited to their business requirements.