Sales Coaching

Man and Woman DiscussMAKING A DIFFERENCE

Sales Coaching should be fun – and make a real difference to performance!

A key dimension to the SINCLAIR TRAINING philosophy is that of changing behaviour – to affect performance not just once or twice……………………. but long term!

This is achieved through one-to-one Sales Coaching.


The methodology created and proven by SINCLAIR TRAINING is believed to be unique and for many clients is a major reason why SINCLAIR TRAINING has become their chosen partner for sales improvement and development. Because it works and produces lasting results – better sales, margins and profits!

This Sales Coaching is carried out on a one-to-one basis – in your offices or out visiting your customers with your sales people.

It’s where the The Sinclair Selling System experienced through one of our sales training programmes, usually TRAINING FOR SUCCESS, PLATINUM CLUB or GROUND-BREAKER is “ coached “ into practise in real world situations – in contact with your customers and prospects. We work alongside you and your people - making it happen – time and time again! Wherever you or your people are in the UK we’ll be there with them, putting the The Sinclair Selling System – including the EDIT process to work. You’ll being amazed at how it transforms the whole sales approach and how your customers and prospects respond.


These Sales Coaching programmes are so powerful because they repeat and reinforce behaviours and techniques – so that they become second nature… that those being coached reach a place of sub-conscious competence – they can do it without thinking about it – keeping the results going!

This one-to-one sales coaching is available for all levels of individuals – from senior management through field sales – to customer service – in fact anyone who has customer contact whether over the telephone or face to face.

Typically this one-to-one sales coaching takes place over 2 consecutive days per individual. A report being produced for the individual and the company at the end of this accompanied work – to guide the way forward.

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