Training And Support
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Your initial training and support will take place in the UK and will be in three parts:

  1. Four days Induction Training covering all aspects of setting up, establishing and operating your new business.
  2. Two days Winning Business Workshop - to ensure your marketing activities get off to the best possible start.
  3. Two days one-to-one training and coaching. We come to you to work on your new business – building on the induction training. This could be live with your first clients. This local support is to ensure that you achieve the fastest and most efficient start!

Your ongoing support:

  1. Once you go live as a Sales Coach, you will have direct access to Sinclair Training’s directors, including Steve Cowie Chief Executive.
  2. Our quick response service can help you even when you are live with clients.
  3. Meetings to help develop your business and maximize the potential - for your success and that of your clients.

We will strive to deliver personalised support on an ongoing basis geared to your business needs.