The Sinclair Training Difference

As a UK based company with UK directors, we have the advantage of not only having developed our methodologies in this marketplace, but also that we can assist you face to face in your region when required. We believe that our “live with clients” one-to-one coaching system is unique to the UK and it opens the door to many new training opportunities.

All your induction training is in the UK.

Once you go live as a Sales Coach, you will have direct access to Sinclair Training’s directors, including Steve Cowie Chief Executive.

Minimal overheads as most of the training that you deliver will be at the premises of your business clients or a rented venue for the day. You will not need your own office as you grow the business. From experience we estimate your gross margins will be approximately 85%.

We do not “ring fence” your business with an exclusive territory thus cutting you off from your own referrals further afield; and National accounts have the assistance of Head Office where required.

Our price in the UK of only £19,950 plus VAT - offers great value to our Sales Coaches.

In short, we will work in partnership with you, to help you to establish your own successful and profitable business. Support is always just a phone call away.

* Please see the earnings statement in our prospectus. Further financials and projections are available at the interview stage.